Plagiarism-free guarantee

We only sell original samples of academic papers that our specialists write from scratch. You can use them as a prompt for writing your own essays or as a source of information if you cite them properly. We make sure that no occasional plagiarism slips into your own papers when you are referring to our materials.

How we do it

We use sophisticated anti-plagiarism software to ensure the top quality of the samples we provide. It gets regularly updated to check coincidences with any web pages or already existing documents available online. Our algorithms detect such forms of plagiarism as:

  • Direct copy-paste
  • Paraphrasing or the substitution of words with synonyms
  • Rearranged word order in texts already available on the web
  • Substitution of active voice constructions with a passive voice and vice versa
Why check our samples for plagiarism?

We do not want to compromise on the quality of your own paper, in which we will properly cite all the references. Even if you do not plagiarize your writing in any way, you need to be sure the sources you mention are 100%-original as well. That is why we use a sophisticated system of plagiarism detection to protect your academic integrity.

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